There, in Korea

We celebrate our parents

Thankful carnations

From today’s Google’s Doodle: “Instead of devoting one special day to mothers and another to fathers, South Korea champions both on Parents’ Day, celebrated every year on May 8.

The holiday was first introduced in the 1930s as Mother’s Day, and it emphasized the importance of honoring one’s parents. In 1956, Mother’s Day became an annual holiday. Fathers eventually joined the party; in 1973, May 8 became Parents’ Day.

Red carnations, a symbol of love and gratitude, figure prominently in Parents’ Day festivities. On this jubilant day, families play games in Seoul Square, while stores and street vendors sell baskets of colorful carnations and carnation-themed novelty gifts. Children show their respect by pinning the flower — or paper facsimiles — above their parents’ hearts.

Today’s Doodle rings in Parents’ Day with this playful illustration showing children hard at work, creating red carnation decorations for their beloved mom and dad.”


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