Growing Older or Life Goals


While perusing images in Pinterest, I stumbled upon pictures of elderly couples deeply in love. That captures something I want for myself: being filled with love.

A few years ago, one of my mentors died. Sad, yes; but the community of adoration that surrounded him, that came together celebrating his life inspired me deeply. Gave me pause. What echoes do I want my life to leave?

In my early teens I faced my mother’s death from cancer, plus the murder/suicide of my best-friend’s parents. Mortality’s shadow followed my life since. My legacy a consideration, that’s always within my mind. Often laden with anxiety. When I learned to focus on love, I changed.

I seek to be surrounded love, reflecting compassionate warmth back. Affirming and growing all I touch, that’s a worthy life-goal methinks. A life filled with wonder, delight and laughter; the result of facing down my mortality. I’m content with the result.

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