A Friday Haiku

A Friday’s beauty
Possibility laden
Weather dependent

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Wishing you a positive Friday and a rejuvenating weekend.


Quiet mind is the best cure for the body

Waiting for tomorrow for happiness and peace, for some miracle something to come save us is, perhaps, the greatest danger we could ever surrender to.

Silver Lining

13059499_832238543547672_1245876804_n.png“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind”. – Napoleon Bonaparte

I sometimes believe that I don’t have the time or the option to relax. If you’re like me, and you go to a school where competition is so high you just can’t get enough rest, you’ll understand what I mean. Or if you’re in a situation where your life is in disarray, things aren’t going as planned, and your stress levels are at all-time highs, you’ll be able to relate. Every day, I stay up till past midnight, sometimes even till 5 to get my homework done. Even if I don’t procrastinate, it still happens because that is the environment I live in. I can’t do anything about it except continue losing sleep in order to get grades which in the end don’t even make me happy, because I feel depressed and stressed out inside.

Many people…

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Soaring To Mountaintops…Metaphorically

Upon a mountain
Longing to soar like eagles
Common metaphors

I regularly engage with a Twitter account titled “Baffled“. They post a near-daily Haiku Challenge. Today’s was “any haiku you want as long as it includes ‘mountain'”. Here’s my addition. With a side of snark.