Career-wise, I’m a web application development student at Edmonds College. I seek the intersection of design, poetry and technology. Currently, I’m exploring this path by writing daily haiku/senryu and blending them with photos. Most are shots I’ve taken, though I frequently use the built-in stock photos in Adobe Spark.

Poetry became part of my life decades ago starting with my seventh grade creative writing class. Poetry and writing remain crucial parts of my life to this day. My love photography is even older, starting with an old point-and-shoot film camera, progressing through film (35mm SLRs, Rolleiflexes, etc) and into the digital revolution. I now shoot most of photos on my Samsung S9.

My experience with design goes back to junior-high as well. I took drafting and drawing classes, explored color and pencil/charcoal media. Eventually, I got to work with a printing company and utilized desktop publishing tools for layout and paste-up. That morphed into straight desktop publishing, then into products like PowerPoint and working for major companies as an administrative assistant. That blended well with my love of technology, and these combined elements feed into my current career exploration.

I find my inspiration in the commonplace, in everyday experiences, in current events. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are home in the deepest sense. Parents and grandparents born here, a rich personal history intertwined with legacy. Home…

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